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Ezerra Cleanser and Ezerra Cream FREE Sample Giveaway

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Ezerra Cleanser and Ezerra Cream FREE Sample Giveaway
Ezerra Malaysia is giving away FREE 30ml Ezerra Cleanser and 10g Ezerra Cream samples! Simply fill in your information and complete the questionnaire to redeem your free samples. Samples will be delivered within 7 days to Peninsular Malaysia and 14 days to Sabah & Sarawak. Terms and conditions apply. Limited samples available, while stock last.
Ezerra Cream & Ezerra Ointment
Both the Cream and Ointment have the same properties and effectiveness to treat eczema. The difference is in the texture. The Ointment is a little thicker and heavier than the Cream. Therefore the choice of Cream or Ointment is just a matter of personal preference.
Both formulations are non-steroidal making them safe for extended use.
What It Does:
  • Provides relief from itchiness, inflammation and swelling.
  • Ensures intense moisturisation by attracting, retaining and regulating moisture in the skin.
  • Keeps skin calm and comfortable.
Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser
Ezerra’s Extra Gentle Cleanser is SLS/SLES-free and is 3-Times-Gentler than other cleansers in the market. It is as safe as water to cleanse sensitive skin without disturbing the skin’s natural moisturising factor. Use as a daily cleanser for bathing.
What It Does:

  • Cleanses and moisturises the skin simultaneously without disrupting the natural skin barrier.
  • Helps to relieve itchiness and inflammation.

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