Birkenstock One Utama Cash Voucher Giveaway

Birkenstock Cash Voucher Giveaway
Birkenstock Malaysia is giving away FREE RM50 Cash Voucher. This giveaway is only valid from 30 April – 8 May 2016, with minimum purchase of RM299 nett. Promotion is only valid at Birkenstock One Utama Petaling Jaya. Terms and conditions apply, while stock last.
No other part of the body is subject to so much strain during the course of a lifetime as our feet. They maintain the body’s balance, absorb impacts and bear the entire weight of the body.
Therefore, it is essential to support the feet as well as possible with Birkenstock. This is because the Birkenstock footbed is available in two widths. It has been designed to mirror the shape of a healthy foot. It supports you right where you need a firm hold but still gives you enough room to move freely. This enables you to comfortable walk or stand on Birkenstock products for hours.
Walking in high heels creates an unnatural posture: the pelvis shifts forward and the spine is curved more than usual. This can cause serious back pains and intervertebral damage.
Without a heel, the weight of the body is carried by the strong heel bone. With a heel, the weight of the body is shifted forward into an unnatural position. The bones of the mid-foot are pushed forward and we end up walking on unprotected bone, which is very painful.
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