Lost World of Tambun Entrance Ticket 40% Off!

Lost World of Tambun Entrance Ticket 40% Off!
Do you have captured Pikachu in your Pokemon Go app? If you have it, then it is a good news for you! Lost World of Tambun is offering 40% discount on the entrance tickets when you show your Pikachu during your ticket purchase. What’s more! There are 27 Pokestops and 3 Gyms inside the Lost World of Tambun, where you can hunt the Pokemons. This promotion is valid on 17th August 2016. Terms and conditions apply.
**Terms and Conditions Apply**
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**Hint to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go
#1 Walk Away
When you’re done with creating your character and confront Professor Willow, you’ll be asked to catch one of the three Pokémon around you. Well, don’t do that.
Walk away from the Pokémon until they are out of your range. However, they’ll simply appear somewhere within your range again; and when they do, walk out of the range again. Once you’ve repeated this several times, a Pikachu will also appear with the rest of the Pokémon for you to catch. This takes different number of repetitions for everyone, so try to not give up on it too quickly.
#2 Look For the Characteristic Element
Every Pokémon in this game is found near places carrying their type elements, and that means that a Pikachu is likely to be seen around a place with a lot of electricity. And no, this does not include your light bulb or a broken electricity pole.
Pikachus have been reported by players to have been seen around powerhouses and electric grids. This Pokémon has also been found by people at science centers and zoos.
#3 Try Messing Your Schedule Up
We’re kidding – don’t do something like that; just try looking for a Pikachu at places that you already have had visited, but at a significantly different time of the day. People have found Pikachus at unexpected places, so if you’re trying to figure out how to get Pikachu in Pokémon GO, this method might work out.
Source: http://howtogetpikachu.com/
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